About Us 


Eye-Lens Pte Ltd is a technology transfer and distribution company in the field of Medical Devices.


We specialize in identifying innovative products in the Medical Device industry, transferring, distributing and marketing them in Asia, with an emphasis on the Japan and Singapore markets.


Eye-Lens has been successfully distributing and marketing a wide range of quality products in the areas of Ophthalmology, Aesthetics, Allergies and overall Well-being. With insights into the Asia-Pacific and Japanese markets, Eye-Lens has established strong networks in academic, research and healthcare institutions as well as government organizations and built lasting relationships with doctors and medical professionals, as well as the leading companies in the medical industry.


We assist healthcare businesses in developing their growth strategies, adapting them to the changing dynamics in the marketplace in Asia. According to your requirements, we offer you a tailor-made service package to enable your smooth and efficient entry into the respective Asian countries, with special emphasis on Japan and Singapore.


We assist medical device companies in:

  • Assessing the market opportunity

  • Conducting clinical trials in Asia

  • Registering their products with the respective regulatory authorities

  • Selling and marketing products through various distribution channels

  • Identifying Asian contract manufacturing for assembly and manufacturing their products in Asia


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