KXL: The First True Breakthrough in Corneal
Cross-linking Technology in the Last Decade

The KXL System achieves accelerated cross-linking in just minutes by
increasing the UVA power and reducing the exposure time while maintaining the same total energy on the eye as standard cross-linking. In addition, the KXL System is the first and only cross-linking system manufactured with:

• Highest power available, up to 45 mW/cm2
• Superior top hat beam profile
• Precise depth of focus
• Wireless control for beam alignment in the X, Y & Z axes
• Fully integrated stable delivery platform
• Touch screen programming & operation
• Untethered battery operation for enhanced mobility

The KXL System’s higher power yields shorter UVA exposure times for
increased patient safety, comfort and improved practice efficiency.

Mosaic Cross-Linking: The Next Revolution in Refractive Correction


The Mosaic™ System allows patterned, precise, topography-guided Accelerated Cross-Linking in just minutes by increasing the UVA power and reducing the exposure time while maintaining the same total energy on the eye as standard cross-linking. This technology’s unique approach offers:

  • Programmable and customizable illumination patterns

  • Seamless integration with leading industry topographers

  • Real-time eye tracking

  • Significantly higher power output


Procedures performed with the Mosaic System include PiXL™, Lasik Xtra®,Accelerated Cross-Linking. These procedures have the potential to:

  • Enhance cataract surgery without surgical intervention

  • Provide non-surgical refractive correction

  • Restore biomechanical integrity

  • Treat pathology with methods unavailable in other devices

​Avedro Ribaflavin Family

Avedro’s scientifically-developed family of riboflavin products–VibeX Xtra™, VibeX Rapid™,  ParaCel™, MedioCROSS-TE and MedioCROSS M–ensure rapid diffusion and individual, sterile applications for all of your cross-linking needs.

The Avedro riboflavin formulations have been specifically designed to address the following cross-linking protocols:

  • Epithelium-off treatment of keratoconus and corneal ectasia

  • Trans-epithelial treatment of keratoconus and corneal ectasia

  • Intra-stromal applications in conjunction with LASIK (Lasik-Xtra®)


Avedro’s riboflavin formulations have been used in over 500,000 treatments around the world:

  • Long-established riboflavin supply combining innovative science and research with German manufacturing excellence

  • CE Marked products available worldwide since 2001

  • Everyday, 8 out of 10 cross-linking patients are served with Avedro riboflavin

  • Compliant with Annex V of EC-Directive 93/42/EEC

  • ISO 13485 Certified manufacturer and facility

  • Produced in world-class clean-room; sterilized using validated and monitored processes