CAPSULaser is a selective laser that creates a capsulotomy in less than a second. It is a small ergonomic device mounted directly to the existing OR microscope:

  • Seamless integration into the cataract work flow

  • No requirement to move patient as capsulotomy takes place at the OR microscope


In clinical studies CAPSULaser has demonstrated superior consistency in creating a capsulotomy:

  • 100% Free-floating capsulotomy

  • 100% 360º IOL coverage

CAPSULaser offers the surgeon laser precision to:

  • Pre-select the intended capsulotomy size from 4.5mm to 6.0mm in 0.1mm increments

  • Utilize the integrated patient fixation beam to center the capsulotomy on the visual axis


CAPSULaser creates an elastic capsulotomy rim resistant to tearing:

  • Rolled over edge (double thickness)

  • Smooth amorphous collagen rim

  • Continuous 360º tag free profile

CAPSULaser provides a cost and time effective solution to create the ideal capsulotomy:

  • Affordable acquisition and running costs

  • Short and straight forward learning curve

  • Non-invasive procedure with improved visualization throughout the surgery