Developed by Acufocus, Inc., the IC-8™ small aperture intraocular lens (IOL) is a revolutionary lens that extends depth of focus by combining small aperture technology with a monofocal lens. Clinical studies demonstrate that the IC-8 IOL produces unparalleled visual outcomes that deliver:

  • A continuous and uninterrupted range of vision - Good near and intermediate vision without compromising far vision

  • Excellent image quality across the entire range of vision

  • Good quality night vision with less symptoms like glare or halos

  • A highly forgiving lens when target refractive endpoints are missed

  • Compensates to the effects of astigmatism up to 1.5 diopters of astigmatism


The IC-8 IOL incorporates a non-diffractive 3.23 mm diameter opaque mask with a 1.36 mm central aperture embedded within a 6.0 mm one-piece hydrophobic acrylic lens.

The mask creates a pinhole effect, which delivers nearly 3.0 diopters of extended depth of focus by blocking unfocused peripheral light rays and isolating more focused central and paracentral rays through the central aperture.