Biofibre® is a medical device for male and female synthetic hair restoration.

More than 20 years of clinical and scientific research allowed Medicap ltd from Italy to develop the exclusive Biofibre Hair Implant System® - a soft, simple, effective hair restoration technique that allows to

quickly cover thinned or bald scalp areas, ensuring an immediate aesthetic result.


Biofibre is biocompatible, highly flexible and resistant.


The safety and efficacy of BIOFIBRE is the result of the cooperation between research institutes, universities and MDs regarding:

  • the compliance with intl. standards for medical devices

  • the application of a medical protocol

  • the practice of qualified, trained doctors

  • Immediate and Natural Aesthetic Result


Biofibre is available in:

  • 3 different lengths: 15, 30 and 45 cm

  • 3 different types: straight, wavy and curly

  • Also available as triple fibers: one knot/three fibers outside the scalp for higher density in shorter time