​​Crystal Tomato Supplement is a daily dietary supplement that works from within towards fairer and healthier skin. It offers many benefits that help to protect, repair and heal the skin from head to toe. Crystal Tomato’s safety and efficacy are proven in double blinded clinical trial.

Crystal Tomato Beyond Sun Protection is the most complete sun protection cream, with maximum protection from UV rays and highest protection in the market from Blue Light and Pollution. All protection claims are backed by clinical trials. Clinical trials also show that after 28 days of use, Skin lightens and whitens significantly.

Synergistic Combination – The primary benefit of Crystal Tomato Supplement is skin brightening, but at the same time it has the secondary benefit of UV protection. The primary benefit of Beyond Sun Protection is UV protection, but at the same time it has the secondary benefit of skin brightening. Crystal Tomato brightens and protects from within while Beyond Sun Protection brightens and protects from the outside. Therefore the two items work in full synergy and offers to the patient the most complete skin brightening and skin protection solution!

*Eye-Lens Pte Ltd is the distributor of Crystal Tomato in Japan only