HairMax is a pioneer in home laser hair growth machines and a global leader in this field.

It is the first home laser hair growth device to receive FDA approval. HairMax was found to treat hair loss in men and promote hair growth. In 2011, HairMax's laser hair restorer was first approved by the FDA, even for women. More than that, Hairmax laser hair growers have received a total of eight FDA approvals. This is unprecedented.

Seven clinical trials of the Hairmax laser hair restorer were conducted on 460 men and women at leading medical research hospitals throughout the United States. Men and women who underwent clinical trials had significantly accelerated hair growth, with an average increase of 129 hairs per square inch.

Hairmax is the only home use laser hair restorer with clinical trial results published in six medical academic journals.

The HairMax Laserband 82 is the flagship HairMax product, having the shortest treatment time in the industry. You only need to use it for 90 seconds 3 times a week!

As of today there are over 1.8 Million HairMax users around the world!