PerfAction - EnerJet


The EnerJet™ delivers safe treatments, suitable for all skin types all year round. The clinically-proven dermal remodeling system immediately reverses the visible signs of aging.


Using our proprietary Jet Volumetric Remodeling Technology (JVR™) allows to introduce pneumatically a jet of Hyaluronic Acid or any other solution deeply into the dermis to remodel the skin, repair scars and lift facial tissue.


The Advantages:

  • Nonsurgical Facial Lifting, Scar Repair, and Skin Remodeling.

  • Delivers all types of Healing Compounds / medicines / skin enhancement materials

  • Needle free and fast procedures

  • All year round treatments on all skin types

  • No thermal heating

  • Immediate results

  • Visible and long lasting effect

  • Minimal number of treatments (up to three)



*Eye-Lens Pte Ltd is the distributor of EnerJet in Japan only