Plapet was developed by a team of Korea’s top engineers, veterinarians and scientists who worked together to develop a device that would allow pets to receive the benefits of plasma.

Plapet is the world’s first skin and fur care device for pets and
features an automatic plasma generating brush that is
specifically designed to safely emit plasma ions that benefit even the furriest of pets.

Skin Purification
Plasma ions kill harmful bacteria, fungus, super-bacteria, and various germs, effectively deodorizing the fur and alleviating itchiness, numerous skin troubles, and infections.

Skin regeneration

Plasma ions promote the growth of fibroblasts, boosting collagen production, and ultimately accelerating your pet’s natural skin regeneration and recovery process.

Optimal fur care and growth
Plasma ions increase the formation of blood vessels, improving delivery of nutrients to hair follicles and increases the level of Wnt proteins, ultimately preventing fur loss and promoting fur growth.