Macular Vitamin Benefits - AREDS2 Formula 


Macular Vitamin Benefits is formulated based on the results of the AREDS2 study in patients suffering with Advanced Age-related Macular Degeneration. This comprehensive nutriceutical product uniquely offers four significant enhancements for improved macular health: 


  1. addition of lutein & zeaxanthin to aid in providing macular protection

  2. full B-complex (B6, B9, B12) for neuroprotective effect

  3. natural form of Vitamin E

  4. 25mg of zinc as proven effective in the AREDS2 study. 


Additionally, Macular Vitamin benefits does not contain beta-carotene or Vitamin A as these substances have been linked in clinical studies to an increaed risk of lung cancer in smokers.


PRN is only sold through Eye Clinics by the eye care professional.  Contact us at or or Tel no: 65-63232883 for the list of eye clinics who dispense PRN Omega-3 and PRN Macular Vitamins. 

PRN Macular Vitamins
PRN Macular Vitamins Ingredients

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