What are PRN’s Omega 3’s


A solution for those suffering with dry, scratchy, red or irritated eyes, PRN Dry Eye Omega Benefits® is a custom formulated product with a high concentration of the anti-inflammatory omega-3, EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) in its natural triglyceride form, combined with vitamin D3. PRN Dry Eye Omega-3 Benefits offers an effective, safe and natural way to address dry eye symptoms systemically (from within) rather than topically (from outside).


PRN Dry Eye Omega Benefits® contains very high levels of omega-3, mostly in the form of EPA and DHA, and subsequently can offer the patient the correct amount of omega-3 in the right form. Clinical research has shown that 82% * of patients using Dry Eye Omega Benefits® had a positive change in normalizing the meibum and lipid layer of the tear after 8 weeks of treatment.


Benefits of PRN Dry Eye Omega Benefits®

•High concentration of EPA

•3:1 EPA/DHA Ratio (Patented formula)

•Per capsule:

•667mg of Omega 3 in ONE capsule, including

•420 mg EPA

•140 mg DHA

•Price  - less cost per Therapeutic dose

•Clinically proven in double masked multi center RCT

•Made of Fish Oil but No “fish” taste

•Superior Bioavailability: Natural Reesterified Tryglicerides

•Quality & Purity: Pharmaceutically Licensed

•NSF - Highest Manufacturing Certification

•Compliant with FDA/cGMP requirements



PRN is only sold through Eye Clinics by the eye care professional.  Contact us at admin@eyelens.sg or sales@eyelens.sg Tel no: 65-63232883 for the list of eye clinics who dispense PRN Omega-3 and PRN Macular Vitamins. 


PRN Omega-3 Ingredients

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