Schwind ATOS is a state-of-the-art femtosecond laser manufactured by Schwind eye-tech solutions. It enables minimally invasive lenticule extraction as well as flap creation in FemtoLASIK.

SmartSight is an up-to-date femtosecond laser procedure without a flap. This advancement in lenticule extraction features intelligent eye tracking with pupil recognition and cyclotorsion compensation.

SmartSight is a precise and gentle treatment method, which leaves the upper corneal layers largely untouched. The SmartSight procedure can be used to treat myopia as well as astigmatism.

The refractive correction with SmartSight procedure is performed entirely with the SCHWIND ATOS. The patient can remain in one position for all treatment steps. This results in fast treatments with high comfort and outstanding work flow benefits in every phase.