Viora V30 Handpieces


V30’s expandable platform means that you can have the most advanced technology at your fingertips, when you want it. Interchangeable hand pieces allow you the flexibility to offer your patients a wide variety of treatments. And increasing your service offering means increasing your business potential.


Viora’s Nd:YAG hand piece offers treatments for vascular lesions, nail fungi, skin rejuvenation and more. Four different spot sizes enable a wide variety of options, allowing you to customize treatments for each individual patient, according to his or her needs.


Multi-CORE and an integrated monitoring system provide enhanced accuracy and safety for body contouring, cellulite reduction and Viora's unique ReFIT protocol. With multiple applicators and ergonomic design for patient and operator comfort. Available with the V30, V20 and V10 platforms.


With just one hand piece, and five interchangeable filters, you can enjoy Viora’s IPL treatments, such as hair removal, skin rejuvenation, pigmentation, vascular lesions and acne clearance. Our technology ensures that every skin type and condition can be treated thanks to various pulse structures designed for safety and personalized treatments. In addition, you can further tailor your treatments with two different spot sizes for body and face.


The advanced ST hand piece integrates Viora’s proprietary and revolutionary multi-RF technology, CORE™. The ability to do facial and body skin tightening with one hand piece is unique to Viora due to CORE’s three channels of different frequency depths, and a fourth channel incorporating all three frequencies. Combined with contact cooling, Viora’s ST hand piece delivers the most comfortable, effective skin tightening treatments available.


The second generation of fractional RF technology is solely available with the FR hand piece due to Viora’s proprietary SVC™ technology. With innovative Switching, Vacuum and Cooling features, the FR hand piece makes skin resurfacing and rejuvenation a safe, effective, non-invasive procedure, with little to no downtime.