Inspired by medical innovations. Driven by passion.

Eye-Lens Pte Ltd is a leading ophthalmic distributor in Japan, Singapore and other South East Asia countries. Since its establishment in 2003, Eye-Lens has been growing continuously and rapidly, becoming one of the major providers in these markets, being the largest International Distributor and the largest revenue generator for many US, European and Asian manufacturers.


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The Best in Medical Technologies

Eye-Lens Pte Ltd is a technology transfer and distribution company in the field of Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals. We specialize in identifying innovative products in the Medical Domain, transferring, distributing and marketing them in Asia, with an emphasis on the Japan and Singapore markets. Eye-Lens services and maintains the products we provide at the highest level. We have service centres in both our Singapore and Japan offices. Our dedicated team of qualified engineers and technicians always endeavour to provide our customers with prompt and efficient response to their service needs.