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IPCL® Implantable Phakic Lens

IPCL is an innovative implantable phakic contact lens offering a precise, safe and reversible refractive correction. It comes in four different designs:

  • Monofocal
  • Monofocal Toric
  • Presbyopic
  • Presbyopic Toric

IPCL has a simple user friendly injection system and offers patients both fast recovery and an extensive diopter range without inducing dry eye.

The lens is suitable for all corneas including thin corneas where other treatment options might be limited. The main advantages of the IPCL lens:

  • Patented innovative design
  • The only implantable contact lens in the market offering Presbyopia correction
  • Outstanding depth of focus
  • Best contrast vision possible
  • No induced spherical or chromatic aberrations
  • The broadest range of refractive correction
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